1:32 Scale Setup Guidelines
Category Type of race car to be used
Class Breakout = Time restriction per lap, exceed time and lap does not count
  Restricted = Most or all component of car cannot be altered, no time restriction
  Open = Most or all components of car can be altered, no time restriction
Brand Manufacturer of slot car
Motor Cannot be tampered in anyway, side tabs must be in original position, no motor will be allowed if ANY signs of tampering are visible.
  Bracing motor/ chassis allowed
  Non std motors cannot exceed 30,000rpm
Dyno Tolerance Certain classes are subjected to motors being tested. Cars will be placed on the Slot Shop dyno prior to racing to ensure fair play
Gearing Range of gears to be used 
Axles & Bearings Denotes if plastic or brass bearings can be used or other brands of axles or bearings
Wheels Wheels/tyres may not protrude from body/wheel arches
Tyres Foam can only be used when stated in class
  May be trued an glued and within standard measurements (Hire of Tyre truer available at Slot Shop)
  Front wheels may be trued and glued but must retain their original standard measurements (unless stated otherwise)
  Use of WD40, lighter fluid or like cannot be used on plastic tracks
Guide Denotes type of guide permitted, whether original or after market
Braid Any type of track braid is permitted
Body Bodies cannot be altered unless specified
  Loose screws must be sealed with bluetac or tape
  Wheel arches and body may not be widened or sanded
  Super resistant bodies may be used, however; must have an interior, including driver.
  Lexan/Resin/Plastic model bodies not permitted unless specified
  Bodies may be repainted but not required, however racers are encouraged to show off their paint/decal abilities
Interior All cars must have interior unless specified
Chassis All chassis must be plastic
  May not be alerted in anyway unless specified
  3D printed chassis or PCR chassis not permitted (Only allowed in Open Class,excludes Ninco 1)
Weight Weight outside the car is NOT permitted (mini class exempt)
Cars Not Eligible Meaning type of cars that cannot race
Track The track which the racing will be held on. Please note at times this may not be possible due to track group bookings or in the event faulty track
Volts Power at which the racing will be run
Scale 1/32 only
Controllers Any, in the spirit of fair play adjustable voltage controllers should be left on 10 volts (or 12 volts when applicable)
Magnet No in all classes
Lights With/without
Denotations Box Std = Item as supplied by the manufacturer, cannot be altered in any way
Points Points will be allocated to the top ten placed drives of each race
  1st, 12,2nd 10,3rd 8,4th 7,5th 6,6th 5,7th 4,8th 3,9th 2,10th 1 point
  One point will be awarded to all drivers that race in at least one race meet
  Points will not be awarded if non compliant car is used in race
  Points will not be awarded if car does not comply with rules (Slot Shop Management has final say)
  Points will not be awarded if cars are swapped during or between heats 
Rules Are a guideline to ensure fair play. 
  Points will not be awarded to drivers that choose to race outside these rules
  If and when unsure ask Slot Shop Management
1:24 Scale Setup Guidelines
Standard motors as supplied by manufacturer
Carrera Cars may have Digital chips disconnected and/or removed
Lights optional  
Cars And Scrutineering:  
Two or Three random scrutineers will be picked by Slot Shop at the beginning of each race meet 
Cars must comply with the specifications for their class and any relevant regulations at all times whilst racing
Cars that do not conform to the relevant specifications shall be excluded from the race
Cars must be submitted to the scrutineer prior or at the advertised time for the class
Scrutineers word is final  
The scrutineer is empowered to rule on any area of a cars construction not specifically covered by the rules
Cars can be scrutineered at any time or a teardown inspection at the discretion of the Slot Shop
Repairs and Parts Replacements:
All repairs and replacement components must comply with the specifications for the relevant class
Any part may be replaced with the exception of the primary chassis section and the body shell
All the repairs and parts replacements during the race is subject to re-scrutineered
Driver Conduct:  
Drivers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
Drivers may not talk or shout at marshals at any time. Shouting at marshals will only delay you getting back into the race.
Abusive or offensive conduct directed at any person(s) may result in a request to leave the premises
All entrants must marshal, be quick and efficient when doing so while taking due care with car placement / handling
All drivers must marshal the race immediately following the race he or she has completed.
In the event of a crash involving multiple crash, the car that caused the pile-up always goes back on last, no matter what a driver might think or say.
Marshals should not enter into dialogue with drivers.
When marshalling cars, slow marshalling can cost laps, time & even the race, so drivers
when you are marshalling, use both hands to quickly and carefully put de-slotted cars back into their correct lane.
Before placing cars back on the track, Marshals must check that the track is clear of any fast approaching traffic, which could be accidentally knocked off with their arm / hand.
Remember that in corners the rear of the car will slide out and interfere with the line of cars on the immediate outside lane.
Marshalling is not popular with all racers but it is important as you cannot race without marshals. Therefore when it is your turn to marshal, please try to good a good job.